What Does it Cost to Dock a Boat in the Water? The last Updated Price was in 2022

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Do you have thoughts about purchasing a boat? Many factors go into whether or not a watercraft is worth the investment. These include annual dock space fees. What does it cost to dock a boat?

It resembles parking your car in a garage when you dock a boat. The marina docking area is not yours. You will need to pay a fee to dock your watercraft in a designated ‘parking area.’ How much should you budget each year for dockage fees?

It will vary depending on where you live and other factors. Docking a boat in the US can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,800 per year.

Renting a slip is a great idea.

Although you can rent a slip, berth, or slip, you will never be able to lease a dock. A dock is a long structure that runs from the shore to the Water’s edge and where boat owners can dock their boats.

Let’s consider the dock as an apartment parking area with different parking spaces for individual tenants.

It applies to docking your boat in the marina. A slip or berth (parking area) is available for rent from the dock (parking lot).

How much does it cost to dock a boat in the US?

You may have to pay an additional rental fee if you don’t plan on docking your boat on a permanent spot. It will depend on the year that you rent the slip.

It is more expensive to dock in prime locations than in other towns and cities along the coast. You can anchor in San Francisco, Miami, or San Diego for as high as $17,000 per year.

However, renting a boat in a small North Carolina town may be as low as $288 per year or as high as $3,600 per annum. The length of your boat will determine the rental fee.

A few marinas have a waiting-list system that requires a deposit. To be on Marina del Rey’s waiting list, you might have to pay $50.

How much does it cost to dock a boat in another country?

Some countries have higher boat docking fees than the US.

In peak season, your boat can be moored in the French Riviera for as high as EUR4,650, or $5,520 per month. You should pay EUR185 ($220) per night if you plan to stay for several days.

However, you can rent a berth for the same boat off-peak at EUR60 ($71) per evening or EUR1,500 ($1,780/month).

The cost of docking in the United Kingdom can be more than in the US. A 50-foot boat can be docked for around PS1,800 per year. It is in addition to the cost of $5,300 ($5,300) for maintenance. In the Southeast UK, docking can be more costly. The UK can charge 30% more for residential mooring.

You can berth in Krabi, Thailand, for 25 Baht per foot (75 secs) per day. A 50-foot boat can be rented for $37.50 per day or $750 per month.

India charges an average of 30,000 Rupees per meter for docking fees. It is approximately $403 per year. An annual berthing fee for a 32-foot boat is roughly $4,000.

These fees are only applicable to marinas located in prime locations. Prices should be lower for smaller ports.

What is the Average Cost of Living on a Boat?

It is best to know that liveaboard slips are more costly than other berth rentals if you decide to live on your boat.

Marinas charge a flat fee and a slip rental that ranges from $350 up to $1,500. You may be charged twice or four times the rent for a regular berth at some docks. If the berth is $500 per year, it could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

Because of the limited number of berths per dock, you might be interested to know that there is a long waiting list for liveaboard slips. For liveaboard slots, some marinas may have a waiting period of up to seven years.

What Factors Influence Docking Fees

Docking costs can vary depending on many factors, such as boat length, season, and berth type.

Localization The location of your berth can make a huge difference in renting or leasing a slip.

The marina prices in metropolitan areas tend to be higher than those in small towns. These fees reflect the standard of living in the area.

Los Angeles’ median standard of living is 73% more than the national average. Louisiana, on the other hand, has a living cost of 13% less than the rest of the country.

Los Angeles boat owners would pay more to rent berthing spaces than Louisiana residents.

There are also price differences between states. In Miami, for example, docking can cost you $23 per foot monthly. You can also find a slip in Fort Lauderdale at $1.50 per foot.

Different slip rates can be charged at various docks in a given city or county. Marina del Rey, for example, charges boat owners between $192 to $240 per foot each year.

You can dock your boat at Yacht Haven Marina in the LA Harbor and enjoy a year of lower rates of $10.50 – $12.95 per foot.

The same applies overseas.

Tourist destinations with high berthing fees are more expensive than others. While the Mediterranean prohibits slip fees, rates can be found in more affordable areas along the African, Middle Eastern, and Turkish coasts.

Some of the most popular tourist spots on the Mediterranean’s north coast include the French Riviera, Italy, and Greece.

The most affordable rates for slip rentals are found in Africa, South America, Asia, and South America. But, these key cities will still charge a significant fee. Examples include Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.

1. Season

You don’t have to pay seasonal fees if you intend to dock your boat at a permanent berth. It applies only to transient boaters who may need a space for their boat for a few days or months.

Boat slip rental costs can fluctuate depending on the season.

Prices are generally higher in spring and summer than they are in winter and fall. People are more likely to take part in water-related activities during warmer months.

The increased human activity causes marinas and dock owners to raise their prices to 40% from the off-peak rate.

Some regions, like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, may charge higher prices.

2. Boat Length

The berthing rental fees are generally higher for longer boats. If you own a 40-foot boat, you could pay $250 annually for regular anchorage in the USA. A 30-foot boat will cost you only $150 per year.

A slip for a 40-footer at regular docks can be purchased for $1,280 annually or $7,200 in prime areas. A 30-foot vessel can be berthed in a standard port for $800 per year or $5,120 in major cities.

3. Boat Type

These prices are only for boats. Different rates may apply to other types of watercraft.

A catamaran’s berthing rent is 20% more than an ordinary boat’s. If you want a catamaran 40 feet in length, you will need to pay $1,200 instead of $1,000.

Many regions have different rates for sailing boats, commercial watercraft, and liveaboard boats.

4. Types of Berth

The price will also be affected by how you dock your boat.

Mooring is the cheapest way to park your watercraft. You’ll need to take a small boat or dinghy to get to the shore. Mooring allows you to anchor your boat in Water marked with a buoy.

A permanent or temporary mooring can be used. Permanent mooring can be more cost-effective and comes with an exclusive slip that you can use to dock your boat.

An anchorage is similar to the mooring, except that there is no platform to tie your boat. Drop the anchor, and you can ride a dinghy from shore.

Docking means ‘parking’ your vessel in designated areas at the marina. It is a great way to have immediate access to land. However, the problem is the cost of renting land.


Budgeting for a boat is one of many things you need to do when buying a boat for your family. It is also essential to answer the question, “How much does it cost for a boat to be docked?”

The location, season, and length of the boat, and the berthing fee, will determine the berthing fees. You may also choose to live on your watercraft. You can expect to pay between $80-$17,500 annually.


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