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Once you see the beach St. Beautiful John, and went shopping at Mongoose intersection … Now what? Time to get st. Rent John’s boat and head out for a BVI boat tour.

St. John is an amazing Island. With so much designated National Park Land, you can’t swing a dead mongoose without hitting beautiful beaches or hiking trails. After a few days, you might start getting a little restless. All you need is to rent a boat and take a BVI boat tour.

Palm Tree Charters

Don’t think just because you live in St John that you should call a St. John based boat charter company. John. The truth is, there are a lot of them, (like me) based in Red Hook, on the east end of St. Thomas, who will pick you up and drop you off at St. Thomas. John. That way you have more options to choose from when looking for boats to charter. Be sure to look around and find the best boat for your needs, whether it is based on St. Petersburg. John or St. Thomas.

Once you have chosen which boat company or boat to charter, the next decision is to choose where you want to go? Looking for great snorkeling? The caves on Norman Island are really cool, of course you can go to Indian, and swim through natural underwater tunnels.

Private Charters & Events

Feeling a little dry? A BVI beach bar crawling might be in order! You can head down to White Bay and sip Pain The Soggy Dollar’s killer form while you kick back in the hammock on the white sand beach, and / or head over to Foxy’s and get some great Chicken Bread and some “Foxy’s Firewater.” Of course, no beach bar crawl would be complete without stopping at Willy T’s! Willy T is a pirate barge on Norman Island. Keep in mind Willy T is not for fainting hearts. Usually Ok for kids during the day, but there may be an occasional topless girl jumping off the roof. During weekend nights, you can almost guarantee it.

If you’ve had all the fun at Jost Van Dyke, and Norman Island, you can always head to virgin gorda and check out the Baths – one of the “(fill in) Wonders Of The world.”

St. John is a beautiful Island, but it doesn’t hurt to spice up the fun with a BVI Boat tour! Just pick the right boat and captain for the job and head off for an excellent day on the water with St. John you.

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