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Private charter fast boat rides and a relatively new Thames jet boat experience on the River Thames and a welcome change from the traditional slow moving Thames boat charter.

Now in their second year, Thames speed boat rentals are no longer a new fad, but a proven way to get a glimpse of the beautiful London sights. Generally more popular in the spring, summer and fall RIB speed boat charters on the Thames have grown in popularity.

Speed Boat on the River

Evolving from RIB speed boat rides and other public boat charters in London, earlier this summer London saw the arrival of an exciting new craft, the custom built Jet Boat.

The jet boat experience unlike any other speed Thames boat charter available on the water with phenomenal twists, turns, turns and accelerations, the Jet Boat Experience provides passengers of all ages with a unique and exciting way to enjoy London’s river Thames.

This boat is in the design used by the Special Ship Squadron and the Royal Marines and has been specially built for operations as a passenger carrying speed boats on the River Thames.

With an Aluminum hull, hard cell core foam collar and a twin diesel Steyr 250 center engine on the twin Rolls Royce Kamewa jets, this is a fast and highly maneuverable speed boat.

River Thames Jetboat Charter

The big RIB still offers traditional speed boat rides and themed adventure games like James Bond style blast on the river. The jet boat experience simply takes this concept of speed and maneuverability to a new level of raw adrenaline thrill rides.

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