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All good things have to come to an end. Boats should be winterized regardless of the season. You may wonder if shrink-wrapping a boat is worth the effort.

Many boat owners are skeptical about whether winterization is worth spending hundreds of dollars. There are many options available to boat owners when it comes to protecting their boats with a cover. You can make an informed decision about which body is best for you and your budget. Consider the costs involved in winterizing your boat. Also, consider the benefits.


Even if your boat is allowed to go out year-round, there are still compelling reasons to winterize it. We’re thinking of you, Floridians, and South Texans! Your boat must be covered at a minimum to protect it in low or no usage.


  • It would be best if you keep unwanted animals out of your boat.
  • Protect your boat against birds and other plant debris
  • Reduce damage caused by rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions
  • Long-term maintenance is key to keeping your paint and gel coat looking new.

Migratory birds, nesting animals, and wintry sleet or snow can damage your boat. Please don’t leave your boat open to the elements and make it vulnerable to other season-related assaults. You can save yourself the cost of repainting or upholstery by making an upfront investment. Winterizing a boat costs less than the headache and expense of repairing winter-related damage.

Winterizing your boat: Different types of covers and colors

Cover your boat to protect it from the elements in winter. You can choose a standard or custom-fit canvas or plastic cover for your boat. Which type of cover should you use? It all depends on several factors, such as cost and durability.


Boat owners love to use canvas boat covers. Many boaters cover their boats with canvas when they get out of the water. Canvas covers protect your boat’s interior, making it easier to get in and go out on the water.

You can buy canvas covers in standard sizes that you can throw over your boat’s top and then strap down. These covers are generally less expensive than custom ones. Canvas covers can be customized to fit your craft better. For better protection, a snugger fit is better. While canvas covers are great for boating, there are better options for winterization.

High winds can even damage custom-made canvas covers. Strong winds can easily blow through the canvas and tear it off your boat.

Your boat will get pelted with rain, snow, and sleet in the off-season. While canvas covers can provide water resistance, they should only be sealed with waterproofing sealant once in a while.

Canvas covers can be more expensive than plastic alternatives.

Canvas covers are not the best option for winterization due to the high cost of winterizing a boat.


A plastic cover might be the best choice if boat winterization costs are your top priority. Plastic caps are available in many styles, prices, and quality options. They also tend to be the most cost-effective option. However, not all plastics are the same. Make sure that the plastic boat cover you choose is suitable for outdoor and marine use. The plastic should be waterproof and offer UV-ray protection. These features are essential to provide winter protection. Even the best boat covers can fail to protect in extreme conditions. Shrink wrapping is the best way for your boat to be protected, according to experienced boaters.


Boat shrink wrap is the best way to protect your boat in the off-season. The marine boat shrink wrap is made to fit your boat perfectly. It fits snugly around any boat’s curves and surfaces. Shrinkwrapping prevents rodents from getting into your vessel through gaps or loose areas. Your boat’s canvas cover is protected from bird droppings and plant debris.

Boat shrink wrap is impervious to moisture. It will keep your boat dry in rain, snow, and sleet. It prevents water pooling and sheds snow to reduce the chance of your ship collapsing. The boat shrink wrap is custom-fitted, so it stays attached even in strong winds. It won’t rub or chafe your paint or gel coat. What is the cost of shrink-wrapping a boat? It depends on where you purchase the materials and if you do it yourself.


What is the cost of shrink-wrapping a boat? Many marinas and companies will winterize your boat using shrink wrap. The cost of winterizing a boat depends on its size and location. You can find many companies offering boat weatherization services near you online. A professional can shrink-wrap your boat for $300-$500 per winter.

You can shrink-wrap your boat yourself if you’re inclined. The cost of winterizing your boat will drop significantly if you invest in the equipment upfront and make an ongoing effort to save time. The process is easy once you are familiar with the basics. Don’t worry if you’ve never wrapped a boat before and need to know how to go about it. Pro-Tect Plastics has you covered. Pro-Tect Plastics has all the shrink-wrapping boat equipment, materials, and tutorials you need.

You have options for how to keep your boat safe and secure throughout the winter, even after the sun goes down on your last fall boat ride. To make the best decisions for you and your boat, consider the climate, the craft, and the long-term costs.

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