Every city is unique, and GoBoat® has encountered many unexpected obstacles. In certain cities, you’ll need permission to operate, but in others, all you’ll need is a dock. A commercial business license is required to use your rental business in most cities, and you’ll also need permission to rent the waterside location where you’ll be working.

What is the procedure for obtaining permits?

You’ll almost always require a landlord contract first, which grants you the right to rent from the landlord for a set length of time. This document must be shown to local authorities to apply for a water permit to dock and operate your boats at their location. This first phase necessitates meticulous stakeholder management. You must present yourself as a professional operator with all legal documentation while dealing with local authorities. Their greatest worry is an operator who disrupts other clients on the water or is unprofessional in terms of communication, compliance, and payments. This stage is critical for aspiring entrepreneurs to display solid communication skills and the capacity to collaborate and form partnerships. Permits might take up to three years to get.

Permits are never indefinite.

Permits are difficult to get, and retaining them is much more difficult. The reason for this is that the harbor and landlord might be unexpected, putting your contract and activities in jeopardy. As a result, you must keep track of all key sources of information for real estate developers and port officials. This allows you to understand better the environment in which you operate, reducing future business risks and enhancing your capacity to develop ways to offer value to the city. To guarantee that you fulfill all components of the negotiated contract with your partners, allocate at least 1-5 percent of your overall time to stakeholder management in your budgeting and project planning. One of the benefits of a franchise is that it has a tried-and-true business strategy that streamlines the process. Furthermore, a product that uses sustainable resources and capitalizes on the city’s liveability or architectural landscape offers an excellent argument for acquiring licenses.

We’ve become professionals at obtaining mooring privileges at GoBoat, but even more crucially, we’ve become specialists at maintaining them. It should come as no surprise that negotiating with a city is simpler when you have GoBoat on your side, arranged worldwide. You will receive assistance in obtaining permissions as a GoBoat partner.